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Drafting Table Studio is aiming to flip the interior design industry upside-down!  


Designers Dana Colindres & Krysti Kyle met while working at a local interior design firm, collaborating on many high-end kitchen and home renovations.  It was here they recognized a gap in the market and started asking themselves, "Why does interior design have the stigma of being a luxury only the wealthy can afford or need?"


From there, the concept behind Drafting Table Studio was born - to create a brand that opens up design to the masses, with creative and affordably priced packages that appeal to everyone.  Interior design doesn't need to be so tedious and everybody deserves a beautiful home.  So instead of banking on the next big one, we are drawing our inspiration from you - the renter who still craves a pretty home, the DIY'er who just needs some creative direction and those looking to sell so they can get one step closer to their dream home.


Here at Drafting Table Studio, we are keeping it real and not taking ourselves too seriously.  Life should be fun and so should designing your home.  So start daydreaming while you stalk us on social media and learn about our general awesomeness... and don’t forget to spread the word!


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Tel: 732-510-5499

Freehold, NJ 07728

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